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February 19, 2005 • 2:58 pm
subject: OPEN post
mood: curious

This post is going to be open to the public because I need your help. There are so many things I have gotten made for me but I do not know who made them or where I got them...please do not be mad at me, just simply comment if you made something you see here and where you made it, or if you know who did and can help me out. Then it will be moved to my CREDIT post. Thank you so very much. I appreciate it.

graphix that need credit right this wayCollapse )

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February 19, 2005 • 11:52 am
mood: artistic

This is my very first entry in my new credit journal! Thanks to Suzzane, iluveru, and all her awesome skills. She did my entire layout, including making the header and getting the background to sparkle. This journal is friends only. I have had all of these awesome things made for me and I don't want anyone taking anything without asking. Please comment to be added. Also if you want something- ASK! I have no problems sharing, I just wanna know what you are going to use. Also I will be posting stuff I make on here as well, I may offer things as freebies, but again you must follow the rules and always ASK me before requesting I make something for you or share my things. Thanks


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